Developer Skills

Skill set breakdown

Unity Game Development

I have been working with unity for 5 years now, since I began my degree in 2016. This means I have strong C# and problem solving skills, as well as a knowledge of serialization and Saving games

Asset Creation

I have spent a lot of time creating 3D models and 2D sprites for my games. Although the quality isn't the best, I believe I have enough knowledge to be able to create basic games.

Agile Development

An industry standard, I have been agile focused since it was introduced to me. I used this extensively for my Dissertation, where I actually did early design work on a trello board in a centralisation test.


Game and Software Developer

My Projects

Projects I have worked on


The Hunting Season VR

Working in Unity using the VRTK provided from the unity store

C#, Virtual Reality, AI Programming, Simulation


Special Space Force

Release Date TBD

Unity C#, XML Integration, Asset Creation, Functionality Testing, Release Cycle

Voidships Screenshot 1.png
Game Shot 4.png

Digital Invasion

Janurary 12th 2021

Unity C#, AI Programming, Group Project, Functionality and Usability Testing

The Hunting Season VR

1st July 2018

C#, Virtual Reality, AI Programming, Simulation, 1 Month Dev time


Living Dead Syndrome

March 23rd 2018

2D Asset Creation, Unity C#, AI programming

Dem Slipper Slopes

January 25, 2020

Unity C#, Asset Creation, Functionality and Usability Testing


My Work

Insight into what I've done with my time at university

Starting on a foundation course in 2016, I was returning from full time work to study what I enjoyed. Game Development.

I aced the foundation year and started on the Computing & Games Development Course. In my first year I produced a zombie shooter prototype, named the Living Dead Syndrome. This was my first attempt at a game. 

Between my first and second year, I began development of a VR game, named The Hunting Season VR, producing a prototype and releasing it on This is what I believe to be my biggest achievement to date, as it really pushed me to learn new things, in a topic area I truly loved, Virtual Reality. 

During my second year I produced two game designs, firstly "Dem Slippery Slopes" a downhill racing game where choosing the correct path was key, and then "The Nuclear Prevention Programme", an escape room experience set inside a nuclear bomb shelter. These games were produced for coursework modules, however I still put everything into them I could possibly fit during their 3 month development cycle.

My final year dissertation "Special Space Force", a Sci-Fi Turn Based Strategy game with army management and a narrative combat system, will be released to as a demo of a potential full game, should there be support for it. So far, my marketing has led to lots of interest.


These games are all listed either above or below, so if you would like to see more, please feel free to look through the gallery and click the images to see more!